Sunday, April 10, 2016

OTNYathra - 2016 - AIOUG

OTNYathra event is back this year in 2016 and once again AIOUG (All India Oracle User Group) is privileged to organised this event in various parts of the Country.

OTNYathra is very typical form of series of conferences which starts from North India and covers throughout India in couple of weeks.

This year again we have very experienced speakers and we expect to have loads and loads of information on new oracle offerings and oracle's roadmaps.

The regional chapters of AIOUG will have responsibilities for organizing the event in their respective cities.

North part of OTNYathra will be managed by NIAIOUG(North India chapter of AIOUG). The event will be held on 1st of May in Noida.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Alert in Oracle Public Cloud - Notifications on Quota

There are new updates in Oracle Public Cloud portal. Now there are new Alerts which lets one set notifications for the quota usage. These notifications are both for Metered as well as Subscription based Non Metered PaaS services.

Below are the steps to set Alerts and notifications in Cloud Public Portal for PaaS Services.

Step 1 : On the Dashboard, Click on Estimated Balance of the services for which you want to set new alert.

Step 2 : Check the Amount for Database Public Cloud Service. This is total available credits. Suppose this is X amount. We will set an alert on 80% of X.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Oracle Public Cloud - Test Throughput from Customer Place to Data Center

Most common question in mind while going to cloud is to get statistics for latency and throughput from customer location to the Data Centers based in different geography’s e.g. (US – Chicago and Ashburn ).

Below is the way to get the numbers of throughput and latency from tooling provided by OPC Interface.

Step 1 : Click on the user name and select Diagnostics.

Monday, November 23, 2015

AIOUG Sangam 15 - My Experience

This time once again I attended Sangam15 - Largest Oracle User Group Conference in India which is organized every year. This time it was in Hitec City in Hyderabad at Hyderabad International Convention Center on 21-22 Nov 2015.

It was very nice to see and meet old friends as well as meet new professionals. The event was very well managed by @AIOUG Team and volunteers from different regional chapters of AIOUG. The venue was perfect with large halls and rooms and logistics/facilities very nicely handled by the convention center staff.

I flew in to Hyderabad from Singapore a night before rather 21st morning 2.30am. So I was unable to had a complete sleep which made me unwell and I went late on the venue. Nevertheless I was all set for my session on Oracle Mobile Application Framework.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Connecting Oracle PDB on Cloud using SQL Developer

In this post we will see how we can connect to Pluggable Database which is hosted on Oracle PaaS Cloud : Database as a Service.

As we know Pluggable databases is a new features in Oracle 12c Database so we will be using Oracle 12c Database on Oracle Database Cloud.

Pre Requisites :

  • Oracle Public Cloud environment Access.
  • Oracle Database as a Service subscription.
  • Oracle 12c Database Instance created on OPC.
  • Combination of Public key(required to create 12 instance in above step) and private key to access 12c DB instance using client - Putty and SQL Developer.
  • Passcode of keys.
  • Putty
  • SQL Developer.

Once we have all the information available we are all set to make a connection to PDB on cloud from local SQL Developer.

To connect to PDB, first we need to have a user created if not created already which has access to PDB.

For this connect to DCS cloud environment using putty. 

Enter the public IP in the putty.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Oracle Public Cloud : Create Public/Private keys for secure access

For accessing Oracle Cloud Services securely and for authorized access, combination of Public and Private Keys are required. So before the process of creating a new Database Instance public and private keys should be generated. Below is the process for generating public/private key.

Tools Required: PuttyGen.

Follow below steps to use PuttyGen to generate keys.

Open Putty Key Generator.

Accept the defaults with SSH-2 RSA and 2048. Click on Generate.

Now next step is important one. One needs to move mouse in the empty area freely till time the message “Please generate some randomness by moving the mouse over blank area” is flashing on the bar.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Create Oracle Database Cloud connection in SQL Developer

One of the most basic things to start working on Database Cloud Service offered by Oracle (PAAS) is to create a connection to Database Cloud service from local SQL Developer and browse through the schema and database objects.

The most important and foremost step for using cloud service is to have all the information of the cloud service instance.

Once you logon to the service dashboard by logging into you can see all the services allocated to your account in the dashboard.